Life is…

Knitting is a funny thing people draw lines, conclusions, make judgments and freely share their opinions, all without a moment’s thought to how those actions will affect others. In this world I just want to be, to exist free without the opinions of others shaping my thoughts, feelings, or actions. I would like others to respect my work, my opinions, all without attacking or making me feel like I have to defend what I like. I like what I like because that is how the soul moves me it guides and gives input, without the sharp interjections of human nature.

I do not believe that the soul is human in nature; I believe that it is given to us by the divine, yet I don’t fully understand its mission. It has a purpose and a reason for existing, yet I do not fully understand. If you lay in the dark quiet before you go to sleep, send everything from that day that might be pushing in upon you out into the universe, you can have a moment where you can feel the stark qualities of the soul. There you can feel the smoothness and calmness of its finer qualities. To try and describe the qualities without fully understanding them is like trying to dance the salsa when you don’t know the steps. But if you lay there as often as you can, you can begin to collect bits and pieces to tantalize you along in life’s journey. You can’t really make sense of them, as they speak to the inner, deeper parts of the self that defy every day human logic.

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