Little Girls

It is something so tender, sweet, and soft inside…….utter contentment after a long hard journey. I love to share them but there is no need to. Art is many things to many people and to me it is my sacred place. I can’t go and make a logical and an analitical decision to make a piece of art in a particular form. Art to me is my zen place, where I don’t think and design and coordinate. Instead it is a place of reflection. I throw a stone into the pond, and as the ripples run across the water my art emerges, I cannot force it. It’s like trying to grasp at whips of forgotten dreams upon waking. The harder you try the faster the dream evaporates. That’s the way my art is, it comes to me. My little girls bring me such great joy because they are speaking to my heart. If someone else enjoys them too, that’s makes my heart happier.

Peace image

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