New Beginnings for a Friend

Dark moods welcome, they give stark and beautiful contrast to the light. They are the valleys between the peaks without which we could not soar. Close your eyes, feel the sun and the wind on your face as you bank and soar up from the depths where life has cast you. Rise up and be strong in the face of new challenges. Believe in yourself, you are mighty and awesome and it is their loss not yours. What feels like ashes will rise again and become new life that will shine once again.

Our positive attitudes rock in the face of small petty small minded mean people who will not prosper by their actions! Ha!

Hang in there sweetie, the journey through all of this can be long, but the sweetness that helps me endure is the richness of your friendship! You ice my cupcake! Sending healing energy for your pain, and friendship to remind you that you are not alone, and love to remind you that there is still kindness in this world, and peace to comfort your soul.

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